Raquel Zimmermann In The Animale Fall 2011 Ad Campaign




a) I don't understand the need for the horse and the little guy on the right.

b) Horses on ad campaigns are so last decade.

c) Can anyone please explain how come Animale has enough money to hold Raquel exclusive in Brazil but can't afford someone to do a decent retouching job? And why would you cast Raquel and then have someone retouch the images to the point that it doesn't even look like her? Just asking.


totally agree with your comments!

fyi the little guy is your beloved romulo pires, lol

OMG. The retouching is so bad it doesn't even look like him.

It was done by MINT. Isn't that supposed to be one of the best agencies that works with fashion labels in Brazil?

Mint is a shit agency with a shit director who only knows to scream and say nothing looks good,
and end up with this crap..

I still wonder how a blog with such poor visuals can contain criticism on other people's visual work.

Just asking.

PS: I do love your selected pictures. And the magazine.

Completely agree, which is why we are in the process of completely redesigning the entire site. As you can tell by the ads we criticize, it took ages to find a graphic design firm we loved and wanted to work with on this new phase of the blog. We will launch the new layout along with the new issue of the magazine in May, and it will have more of the feel of the magazine.

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