To Die For: New Digitals Of Jean Carlos


Ford Models Brazil just made my day. View more after the jump.





even though he is one of my favorite male models, i must say it is just about the body. his face is kinda.......idk.. and this hair, please go away!

these are awful pictures of a very hot man, and the hair, something needs to be done other than that to it.

Yeah, these pictures do not do him justice. His hair was not styled, and it seems he didn't even wear make-up. I don't put him in the same level as Lachowski, lovely Arthur, Marlon and other models who are in the Olympus of the business. But he is a great model and has consistently done great work.

They're agency polaroids/pics taken indoors by an agent who knows nothing about the technical aspects of lighting/photography. They're not meant to be about hair or makeup, they're meant to be completely natural. Even female models are encouraged to be makeup free for polaroids. Yeah, his hair is a mess ... almost as if he's been wearing a hat but any casting professional can look past that & focus on his body/facial features & are able to ignore the hair b/c it will be professionally styled on any shoot. Also, at any casting he'll have his book ... from looking at that it's clear that he's an incredibly attractive guy. You don't book Diesel, Cavalli & Dsquared2 campaigns if you're average looking.

Personally, I liked these photos in spite of his appearing deliciously handsome in previous ones!

JEAN CARLOS- my all time Dream Guy !

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