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Felipe Roque and Renato Gentille at 40 Graus Models in Rio.


These guys are both fugly, I don't know why anyone would cast them for a runway or a photo shoot. The first one looks like a doorman or, even worse, a beggar. The second one looks like a ectomorph guy which has passed through a steroid cycle that went wrong. His very narrow waist and ripped abs look SO disproportionate to his inflated pecs that it looks like a Photoshop caricature piece. And, on top of that, his face is not attractive in any way. He seems like the son of Jonatas Faro and Adrien Brody - not in a good way.

I know the comments sound a little harsh, and maybe kind of ironical, but I was very surprised when I saw the pics. If these guys are models - what other people in theory should aspire to look physically - then those are strange days we are passing by.

they're both very handsome,
the colors dont work well on F.R. (bronze vs. orange & pink = not complimentary)

True. Not every Brazilian should be a model.

Well I guess they're referring to being handsome (i.e. good-looking) in a very conventional way, ... Classically* handsome? Well, here we have an excellent example of such UNCONVENTIONAL shape BUT perfectly fitting in with the present time ...I do love both guys ! specially Felipe Roque...saw some of his shoots w/ the master photographer Didio!!!! Awesome Works .

Let us not forget the " unconventional " Mark Wahlberg...

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