One Step Forward, Two Steps Back


Vogue Brazil finally got it right last month with Emanuela de Paula, but it takes a step back this month's cover. While the January cover with Emanuela was everything you think a summer cover of Vogue should be, the February cover with (an almost irrecognizable) Adriana Lima is a lot more Modern Bride than Vogue. It is not that I don't like the picture or the angle (the cover was photographed by Fabio Bartelt btw), but the styling is matronly and in need of a lot of help. I do like the idea of shooting Adriana and not featuring her as a sex bomb, but making her look dull instead of sexy is not the way to do it.

And btw, a different vision in the styling department is not the only thing Vogue Brazil needs. It is also begging for a new art director who is good with typography.


I think she looks stunning.

I have to agree with you. Not a good cover. Adriana looks too robotic, I would even prefer the cliche Adriana all sexy, colourful and Brazilian :)

The cover is REALLLLLYY nice. I don't see anything wrong with it. Seesh, lol!

Amazing cover. She has a beautiful face and not just a beautiful body. I love it.

I do not agree with you, I'm sorry, despite the fact that it is mid currently summer people are always looking forward to the next season and what it brings so they can start planning their style. I love the idea how they are trying to implement Paetes and ruffles for the up coming fall. I think Adriana looks gorgeous and it is very refreshing that she is rather covered up and more likely to look like a sexy mom! - Just my thought..

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