Lady Gaga Gives Birth To Her "Born This Way" Video

I know this video will be in every blog and website in a matter of minutes, but I had to post it (and not just because I love a glitter unicorn). Born This Way may not top Bad Romance or Telephone, but it also looks pretty amazing. Love that Lady Gaga picked Nick Knight to direct it, and love even more the fact that there is a cameo by Raquel Zimmermann.


OMG Raquel Zimmermann is giving birth to Lady GAGA!!! You can identify Raquel from the mole on her jawline. Love this video more!!!

I liked the video
Its very edgy though

She couldn't try harder to be talked about and be strange. I don't like the video at all. If she continues being strange like this she will lose at lot of her "little monsters." About 5,000.00 people clicked on the dislike option on Youtube.

Rachel rocks!!! =D Just like Evandro, @Alejandro video!!! Brazilian models - ooooooooooooo yeaaaaaaaaaah!!! =D

She is sending the right message, but with the wrong aesthetics. It would be much nicer to see beautiful things on the video, instead of the bizarre images...

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