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I noticed that some of the boys we have been working with lately have been wearing some really cool handmade jewelry. When I asked them about where to get it, I found out that they were created by model David Pimentel, who we shot for Made In Brazil Magazine #2 and also happens to be a great tattoo artist.

David created the jewelry line along with his wife Angelica Mantuan, and they called it Skull. Their first collection is composed of pendants, rings, and bracelets, in materials such as silver, wood, leather, skins, bones, and stones. Several pieces are handmade and one of a kind, and their leather bracelets with handwoven detailing and silver wire are incredibly cool and chic. Add Mateus Verdelho shirtless to the equation and you certainly have a hit.

Skull is available at Surface To Air in São Paulo or through [email protected]. View more pictures of the collection after the jump.




The campaign was photographed by Danilo Sanches and also features model Paola Rahmeier. View more  at Skull's blog.


I love men who wear jewelry. I have a large collection of cufflinks and two rings: one is 18k gold with a Greek cameo (possibly Jupiter since he has a beard) sculpted in white shell, and a sterling silver one with an owl engraved in it (the symbol of knowledge).

wowwwwww , luv !!!

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