Fire In Rio de Janeiro's Samba City



A large cloud of black smoke took over the skyline of Rio this morning due to a fire at approximately 7 am in the area known as Samba City, where floats and decorations for the city's Carnival are manufactured and stored.

The fire was under control at 11 am, and no victims have been reported so far. Out of the fourteen warehouses in the district, at least four were severely damaged by the fire this morning, including those of samba schools Grande Rio, Portela, and União da Ilha do Governador. According to Márcio André, Carnival director for União da Ilha, 90% of the costumes and floats for this year's Carnival were practically ready before the fire struck. Damages for the samba schools affected by the fire are estimated at R$5 to R$7 million. With Carnival less than a month away, it is very sad that the samba schools hit by this morning's fire will not have time to recover from the accident.


Hope all is well

This saddens me; I feel sorrow for those individuals and the various samba schools which have been affected by this fire. Look at all of the money and time and energy and work and spirits that have been lost!!!

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