Behind-The-Scenes At The A|X Spring 2011 Campaign




Francisco Lachowski and Marlon Teixeira shooting the Armani Exchange spring 2011 ad campaign in California. Watch behind-the-scenes videos of the shoot at A|X Life.


Little Lachowski and Marlon have very different kinds of beauty. Lachowsky is still a boy, pure, innocent and virginal, playful like only a teen can be. He makes me feel like I am the big bad wolf attacking Red Hood, the prey.

On the other hand, Marlon, even though he is also very young, looks much more mature and experienced than Lachowsky. Marlon is not a prey. I could easily imagine him taking the lead, being very sexual to boys or girls. He has a powerful, muscular tanned body, with hair in the right places. His strong masculinity is a perfect counterpoint to Lachowsky's angelic features.

It is difficult to choose betweeen the two. I think I would rather have Lachowsky in bed, but in those days when you need something more savage, a boy like Marlon would be the perfect choice. :)

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