An Interview With Francisco (Loaded With Shirtless Takes)

Swide has just posted an interview with Francisco Lachowski backstage at the shows in Milan. Make sure to watch it. Fyi, he mentions in the interview that he used to play tennis, which is shy we shot him playing against Gabriel Burger for the second issue of Made In Brazil Magazine. All of it was basically his idea, which is why we love working with him so much.


I heard somewhere he's a little too conceited... But it's just impossible not to adore him when he smiles...

The make-up he is wearing makes him even more beautiful. He is the perfect boy, with a slightly androgynous look, rosy cheeks and a lean body. He would be the ideal Dorian Gray. This is what Oscar Wilde had in mind when he wrote the book.

he has such a manly voice and a boyish look

He's such a cute "pup!" Of the three boyish guys you've featured here--he has my heart! (Cute and fresh and sexy)

I like Francisco, he seems realy cool and down to earth, maybe he is just faking or maybe not, I wanna believe in the people of Made in Brazil, because if he is like a diva or something photographers, editors etc wouldn't work with even though he is amazing because no one wants to be surronded with a high maintance guy

He is a real sweetheart and a pleasure to work with always. One of the most creative and fun boys I have ever worked with.

"empadão of my mom". Need i say more?

He's so beautiful I had to watch that twice.:)

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