Gracie And Emanuela In The January Issue Of Vogue Brazil



I find the styling to be a little unimaginative and bland, but I am thrilled that there are stories with Gracie Carvalho and Emanuela de Paula in the current issue of Vogue Brazil. Such a great change from the usual suspects Isabeli Fontanta, Ana Claudia, and Luana Teifke. View more scans of the two stories after the jump.







The story with Gracie photographed by Bob Wolfenson actually looks like something I have seen before in Vogue Brazil, and could have been a lot stronger with more girls in it.

Btw, I hope to see Emanuela in a lot more editorial work this year. She is amazing.

All scans via We Love Models.


glad to see those girls working but to have them dressed in white in Bahia, talk about cliché!

hey, these photos were taken in Salvador, Bahia. I was born there. It is the brazilian city with the largest population of black guys and girls. Lots of African traditions there, as you can see from the photos in the Pelourinho and other places.

Beautiful images! I really need to buy this issue.

Excellent post, I liked a lot. Success!

I agree that the story with Gracie has a "deja vu" feeling to it. The pictures look stunning. However why dressing them in nothing but white? Gracie's story would've been much more fun had she been the only one pictured in outfits with amazing colors and everyone else in white. Seems like they have a hard time stretching their thoughts/imagination.
Where can I get this issue in the USA? Cause last time I had a copy of it sent to me it cost me about 100 dollars.

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