Presenting The Logo For The 2016 Olympics In Rio

The video introducing the logo for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio is truly sensational, and I highly recommend that you watch it. Already makes me think of all the amazing images that photographers will be able to capture during the games in the city.


i admit i wasn't expecting much, but it IS really good.

I can't think of a more fitting song than Aquele Abraço. Also, who was the singer? For a minute, I thought it was Marisa Monte, but I could very well be wrong. Now I have something to save up for in 2016. I've always wanted to go to the olympics and I've always wanted to see Rio. Thanks for posting!

I know it's glossy promotional material, but what incredibly beautiful scenery & people !

And thanks to Tamayn for naming Gilberto Gil's song (about which Wikipedia has an explanatory article.)

I'm really looking forward to visiting Brasil, but at some time *other* than the Olympics :-)

The video is truly great, first class. But I didn't like the logo all that much.
Now that they are taking control of the favelas, the olympics should be a wonderful event. Rio is the most beautiful city in Brazil and one of the most beautiful in the world. I must also mention that Cariocas are hot, depraved creatures with gorgeous bodies.

this is perfection, Rio, eu te amo!

"I must also mention that Cariocas are hot, depraved creatures with gorgeous bodies."

All of them? What part of Ipanema are you going too ... please tell! It's funny, when people who haven't been to Brazil first visit they expect everyone to look like Adriana Lima, Gisele & Alessandra Ambrosio ... when they step off the plane they're usually completely disappointed! Perhaps if your vacation entails lying around the pool at The Fasano then yeah, but step out onto the street & that's not the case.

Hi Andrea, I went to the Ipanema beach near Farme de Amoedo street. Lots of six packs, tanned muscular bodies, hot guys in speedos, everybody being very friendly (beer, hugs and kisses everywhere) and lots of guys looking for love.
I must also add that I saw lots of people smoking pot in broad day light, right there on the beach. Nobody seemed to worry. It was like a shangrila where everything is permissible.

So true about weed! Ipanema is going to have attractive people just for the sheer fact that it's Ipanema. Next time go around the corner to Copacabana & compare ...

who sings the song she has a beautiful voice...

This just makes me wanna go to Rio straight away! And I *do* approve of the logo!

Great images and logo. Well done, Rio!


Andrea, on numerous occasions you seem slightly bitter and are often willing to disagree with other people commenting on this blog, rather than being critical to the articles themselves. Odd.

This video gives me shivers...going back to rio for carnaval this year and i can't wait to feel aquele abraço!!!


Surely as an individual we are all entitled to our own opinions or would you prefer everyone reading M.I.B agree? Is that what you want? There's nothing bitter about me, in fact I find that laughable. Shoot me if I insist on sticking to fact ... & the fact is that not ALL 6M Cariocas are "hot" with "gorgeous bodies". Of course I can understand that Lucius was exaggerating slightly given the nature of his statement & all I did was suggest that when many Non-Brazilians visit Brazil they expect a land of Gisele's & are surprised & disappointed when that's not the case. Many posters here are Brazilian, I'm Brazilian but grew up on a different continent so can look at Brazil/Brazilians objectively rather than subjectively which is probably why my opinions are slightly different to many here. I also work in fashion & generally deal with models on a daily basis & know the industry inside out ... therefore my opinions on models & what makes a good fashion model are probably different to many of the muscle worshippers here. My opinion regarding shots/careers/bodies/photographers is also likely to be different b/c it's something I deal with day in & day out & look at models from a Milan/Paris industry point of view rather than b/c they're "hot". Surely looking at things from a different point of view, engaging in debate & making your opinions known is beneficial to the individual or would you rather we all agreed & didn't make our true feelings known? Not to mention all the comments here are moderated so anything nasty is unlikely to be published. As for Lucius' comments, I always find his comments amusing & I love his general optimism & I'm sure he doesn't take any offense at what I wrote. To be honest I find it amusing & also slightly ironic that you're doing exactly the same thing to me that you complain I do to others. Slight hypocrisy there perhaps ... Agree?

P.S - English technically is my 4th language before you start attacking it also.

Andrea is right, I didn't feel in any way offended or annoyed by her remarks. It was an over reaction from Edo.

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