How To Help The Victims Of The Floods In Rio de Janeiro


For the past two days since I got back from vacation I have been trying to get involved in helping the victims of the mudslides and floods in Rio de Janeiro. I thought about setting up a Paypal account to collect money on the blog, but since a friend was already gathering donations via Paypal through a link on facebook I thought it would be best for now to let you guys aware of what he is doing so that you can contribute even if you are overseas.

A week after Rio was struck by the worst natural disaster in the history of the country, the death toll has climbed to over 680 people and over 21,000 people have been left homeless in the cities of Nova Friburgo, Teresópolis, Petrópolis, Bom Jardim, São José do Vale do Rio Preto, Sumidouro, and Areal.

A friend of my bf has organized an event on facebook to gather money via Paypal to buy mattresses to help the people who were left homeless. He spoke to a mattress manufacturer who agreed to sell and deliver mattresses for R$31,50 each (or approximately USD$18). If you are able to contribute by donating a mattress it would be of enormous help.

Click here to make a donation via Paypal. Please make sure to enter the amount of R$31,50 or multiples of that amount if you would like to donate more mattresses. Donations will be collected until Thursday, January 20.

I have also donated money to the the WSPA in order to help the animals in the area affected by the floods. If you are in Brazil and would like to know more about the organization or to make a donation, visit WSPA Brazil's website.

If you reside in Brazil and would like to help the organizations involved in rescue and relief efforts in Rio de Janeiro, here is more information on how to help.


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