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If you are a regular reader of the blog, you probably know that I have been vacationing in Punta del Este since I was a child. I used to stay at my father's place every new year's, but this year I decided to change things up and rented a house in Montoya with the bf and the dog. We were thinking of staying in Jose Ignacio since we both love it there, but I didn't want to be too far from my family, so staying in Montoya seemed like the best solution. I promised myself to take as much as a break from work as I could, and didn't turn on the international data plan on my blackberry on purpose so that I could take a break from getting emails all day long or being tempted to twit pictures from the beach. I did take, however, pictures of a few of the homes by the beach, and posted some of them after the jump. I absolutely love the architecture here.





PS- I shot a video of an electronic tango performance in Jose Ignacio last Friday but the internet connection here is too slow to upload it on YouTube now, so I will try to leave it uploading in the afternoon and add it to the post later.


I love the architecture of Punta del Este as well. I wish places like Jurere and other upscale beach neighborhoods in Brazil looked more like that instead of looking like tacky knock-offs of Californian suburbs as they often do... For reference, Google Image "casa Jurere"... The difference is startling.

Mostly stone and concrete and large panoramic windows, I see.

looks like some very organic type of work.

LOVE the houses of Punta Del Este!! Your post gave us the push to finally do our own on the subject- thanks!



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