Maybe There Is Hope For Vogue Brazil In 2011


The January issue of Vogue Brazil features exclusively black models, and even though the concept of an issue entirely dedicated to black models is nothing new, I am really glad the magazine embraced it. I haven't seen the issue yet, but the cover with Emanuela de Paula is already my favorite cover of the magazine in a very long time.


If Black is indeed beautiful, then why the hell has it taken so long for them to get a black beauty on the cover? LOL....anyway..about the choice of cover model. one word= Wow. Emmanuela looks stunning!!! Great to see a non-white face on Vogue Brazil. Let's hope they continue to showcase more black beauties and other beauties from other races.. Though i can't help but suspect, this is a one-time publicity stunt move!

this is so beautiful, and here I thought she couldn't get any more beautiful

Naomi has been on the cover of the magazine before, she also had her own special edition. The cover is beautiful? Yes it is...however this cover could be the cover of Cosmopolitan Nova or Claudia. They are trying to find a path...they just need to polish and elevate it a lot more. Its Vogue and that's what people expect of it.

I especially liked the blouse. It's very beautiful, like a fine Richelieu embroidery.

Do you have any idea how I can get a copy of the issue in the US?

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