To Get You Through The Weekend: Maikel Castro By João Arraes


Photographer João Arraes shot Maikel Castro in São Paulo this week, and sent some exclusive shots to Made In Brazil. View more pictures after the jump. Warning: nsfw.







Maikel Castro is represented by Elian Gallardo Model.

Please do not repost this story in its entirety. Limit image usage on any other site to 1 to 2 images. Images must be accompanied by a working link to this post and photographer credit. All images copyright João Arraes.


Beautiful guy -- and beautiful ass!

Lately all that I see are great bodies with no so great faces...

He has a brute kind of beauty. It doesn't turn me on very much...

He's a cute guy in a slightly rugged sense, and I really like pics 5, 6, and 7.

Would like to see him in Michael Bastian, that's for sure...

A bas, naysayers [aka Neinsagern]. Mikail is gorgeous, from eyebrows to thighs. He's on the bedroom ceiling for longer than a weekend, ma certo.

If the goal was to hide Maikel' tremendous bulge, congrats. He hit it!

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