Guess Who Made A Pit Stop In Rio Yesterday?


Model Cole Mohr walked the Auslander show at Fashion Rio this weekend. Photographer João Arraes sent us an exclusive picture of him backstage.


What an extraordinarily unattractive young man.

It is very difficult for me to imagine that any-
body would hire him to walk any show anywhere.

He looks like some inked up pothead teen from
a Middle School in New Jersey.

is this a joke? i don't mean to be mean, but this kid looks like a homeless drug addict. this is like "heroin chic" that was promoted in women's fashion models a couple years back. an unhealthy look that should not be promoted by the fashion industry!!

I love Cole Mohr, but that's not the best pic of him I've ever seen. Love his tee though.

That's why I don't understand fashion sometimes. Who are the booker who "discover" him and what were he thinking? Maybe he was sharing a needle with him and thought it was a good idea to make fun with the fashionistas and everyone else involved in fashion. "Let's put you in the market and see how far can fashion go to find exotic faces and new model trends". Argh, he's discusting.

an english teenager with bad teeth?

i totally agree with KB. The boy gives off strange vibes and looks like a junkie. I didn't find him very attractive and his hair looks really bad!

OMG! I cant belive im readind those comments!
People just dont understand that a kid who is "a homeless drug addict" can be chic sometimes, I absolutely love Cole Mohr, i think he really breaks all the stereotypes. And people doesnt need to understand fashion all the time, there are so many different consumers in the fashion industry.
I just love Cole Mohr`s work.

I'm sorry, but his work it's DEFINITLY not chic. And I don't mean about the tattoos. I love tattoos. But the kid isn't pretty, interesting or even photogenic. As i said before (despite the jokes), he's been used as a fail-exotic model. He's not the one to blame.

Wow, you guys are quick to make judgements with absolutely no basis. Cole has tattoos. So do Josh Beech, Ash Stymest, Yuri Pleskun and plenty of other successful male models. So what? Tattoos do not make him, or the others, "homeless drug addicts." Have you even seen any of the editorial work Cole has done? Maybe you should check it out, and use that as an indicator of whether or not he is a good model, not a poorly taken backstage-runway photo.
God you guys are dumb.

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