Francisco Lachowski In Fiasco Magazine



Francisco Lachowski photographed by Justin Wu for the black and white issue of Fiasco. View more images after the jump.






On the first photo he reminds me somehow of a very young Johnny Depp. He is *almost* as hot as Arthur.

So glad that Francisco has startarted to "man up" he looks amazing... And honestly I can't stand all that bunch of new boys? who looks like skinny girls.

Love the shoe laces around the neck. Love the thrown open shirt. Adore the model. He is great to lust after and I still look at the clothes.

could a human being be more attractive?

His nipple in the first photo is sooo tempting

How this beautiful man failed to be chosen as Man of the Year is beyond me. He is absolutely gorgeous.

Oh my wowie, the second picture is ohlala.

Francisco is one hot model/man. He just gets better and better. Right now, my fav--in every way.

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