Francisco Is The Brazilian Who Walked The Most Shows In Milan




Francisco Lachowski has just had his best season to date in Milan, booking shows like Corneliani, Emporio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Carlo Pignatelli, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, D&G, Moschino, and DSquared2. He also walked at Frankie Morello, Ermanno Scervino, Enrico Coveri, and at Trussardi's 100th anniversary presentation at Pitti Uomo. Way to go.


He deserves it. Chico is gorgeous.

wow he looks so dreamy in that suit on the 6th pic!

HE IS EFFIN DIVINE IN GUCCI!!!!!!!! yes all caps :P

STUNNING clothes AND MODEL!!....I love ALMOST any color in clothes OR really crazy PRINTS!!.like the second picture is almost something I'd wear!....and men's clothes for the past several decades, lacked ANY color...I am into Custo,Issey mIYAKE etc...cause of the color...or I will wear women's shirts....THEY DO FIT MEN, if you like the style and color..I am pretty thin,155 pounds.. cause THE women HAVE the color BUT WITH A TOTALLY MASCULINE LOOK...not into wearing WOmEN'S dresses etc..I can make women's clothes LOOK like they were made to be worn by a all my clothes!!!...the cartoon stuff has been done over and over, especially in the 80s in NYC...but still great..people who visit me, love to open the doors of my closet..ONE is summer and one winter...and NO WHITE is so rare that I wear that, that I have to rent it, if for a formal affair...all color for me cause it makes ME feel good...and then, the other person or people...some like,some don't...but for me, I need some color on me,everyday, IF I go out...and EVEN if I stay home in BRIGHTENS my SPIRIT,like sunshine..I DO SOUND LIKE A FRIGGIN' AD!!...but I tell the truth...come to my closet and see my'll be amazed!..over this past decade , have collected the best of the best and I SHOP WELL...never pay FULL PRICE, especially at Issey...I have a hand painted LIME friggin beautiful, that I can not PUT IT AWAY from I covered one bureau...and it's a HUGE parrot...I wear leggings in all colors(women's will NEVER KNOW...and THEN, I wear that huge sarong , like a sarong.....on the bottom...wore it with tie dyed ice blue leggings from American Apparel...I take dance, so have a collection of every color,I like, that they make...NO BLACK...BUT I do have a white pair, which is great looking when on...and always look for sales...American Apparel has EVERYTHING and well made in the USA, just like the bathing suits in Brazil...they make the ULTIMATE BEST bathing suits, no matter who sells them...I DO NOT WORK FOR ANY OF THESE COMPANIES


Aaaargh my eyes hurt from so much pretty pretty

He looks the best in the red. But he's perfect in every shot. Seriously, does he have a license to be that hot?

In love with the photo with the sunglasses and the suit. He is perfection.

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