Exclusive Outtakes Of Arthur And Francisco For Coitus Magazine



It took a little begging, but my friend photographer Greg Vaughan sent me exclusive outtakes of the story he shot with Arthur Sales and Francisco Lachowski for the second issue of Coitus magazine. View more images after the jump.





Please do not repost this story in its entirety. Limit image usage on any other site to 1 to 2 images. Images must be accompanied by a working link to this post and photographer credit. All images copyright Greg Vaughan and Coitus magazine.

You can get a copy of Coitus here (I bought the one with Francisco on the cover in case you are wondering).


Lovely Arthur is the most beautiful boy on earth.

Arthur is better when he's not trying to pose too much, whereas Francisco can work any pose or face and make it HOT! He's just incredible!

SO CUTE! OMG. Francisco has so much personality oh my goodness. The first pic with Arthur Sales and the shirt over his head is hilarious

I love that last pic of Arthur :) Thanks for posting these, and a big thank you to Greg Vaughan for allowing us to see them. Lovely, they so full of fun!

Francisco soooooooooooo cute!!!
The most beautiful guy!!! *_*

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