Dulce Crema De Leche


If heaven could be packaged in a red plastic cup, that is exactly what it would look like. The dulce crema de leche from Conaprole that you can get in Uruguay and Argentina is undoubtedly the best dulce de leche you will ever have in your life. I just don't recommend using it as a substitute for protein shakes after the gym as I have been doing for the past three weeks while on vacation.

PS- this post is dedicated to my dear friends Matthew, Billy, and Aaron.


and we are all missing it beyond words! whats the international carry-on allowance these days again?

are you covering fashion rio & spfw this year? i hope so!

Nope, gave up on covering the shows once my request for credentials was denied a year ago.

Heyy, si esta en Argentina y Uruguay, pero es URUGUAYO.

Agreed. I brought back two containers of it with me from Uruguay and Argentina last time I was there (2006)..

That stuff is amazing...there's nothing to compare it with in the USA...

You must certainly love the Dulce de Leche ice cream by Häagen-Dazs. It is delicious. You must also try "Baba de Moça", a traditional sweet from Bahia.

I don't think the men on your blog could eat a lot of this and maintain their six packs. Just looking at it, I gained 2 pounds. LOL

I just got back from Punta del Este 3 days ago and I bought some Conaprole Dulce de Leche as well...it had been eight years since the last time I had been there, and about 15 since I left the country (I lived there for five years). Nothing like a flavor to bring back the memories...

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