Can We Take Brazilian Fashion Seriously After This?

Listed under things that make you cringe: Brazilian label Colcci set up a red carpet before its show last night in São Paulo in order for receive models Alessandra Ambrósio, Gisele Bündchen, and Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Notice that for some unknown reason Ashton and Demi were booed by the photographers.

Fyi, Gisele opened the show and Alessandra closed it. Mr. Kutcher simply accompanied the designers at their final bow after the show, while Demi sat in the audience.


Apparently, the reason they were booed at was because they showed up 2 hours late.

I felt unconfortable for ashton and demi. once again, like in the pan american games that were held in rio, where the massive brasilian audience booed the other country's teams in every single game, our people showed how rude we can be.

This was also in the news in Chile but they said that the wait was three hours not two, but I'm agree with the journalists because it's very disrespectful to made them wait and let's face it Ashton appereance was not that amazing

Gisele looks amazing, I've never seen so nice with the brazilian press, she looks radiant, my god, would be great to see her in Paris in March

This sort of explains it all:

Photographers were not booing Demi and Ashton, but the label, who kept them literally locked in that area behind a gate for over three hours.

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