Bite Me! Coitus Goes For The Brazilian Boys




The second print issue of Coitus magazine features five different covers, and Arthur Sales, Francisco Lachowski, and Marlon Teixeira scored three of them. Each cover is limited to 200 copies, so make sure to get yours asap. I already ordered my copy.


They are always beautiful, but the photos are not inspired and they put too dark lipstick in Marlon!


Chico all the way.

Chico all the way, yes, obviously!

But what's up with the excessive photoshopping of their faces? They've got zero skin left on these photos, just a mucky complexion! Poor Marlon looks especially ridiculous.

Tanpoffel is right. Lovely Arthur lost his boyish charm in the photo. He looks older and tired. Even I could get better photos than these.

My favorite men in the world!!!!!!!!!! Arthur is to die for!!

I love Arthur,Marlon and recently Francisco too (Now that he started to man up) But I hate these shoots are way too vulgar and suggestive(Usually all these fashion spreads and covers are sexually suggestive but these are suggestive in a trashy way ) Kind of looks like one of those magazines for teen girls... Only that these one insted to be for teen girls is for ephebophilic men in their mid 30's and 40's (a.k.a. Trolls)

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