And People Think Brazil Is A Very Liberal Country...


In a country in which a gay kiss on national television is still a big taboo and in which we can count in one hand the number of openly gay celebrities, it is only natural that the first person to be eliminated from the eleventh season of Big Brother would be the first transexual woman in the history of the show with a history of prostitution.

It is a shame that Ariadna was sent home last night with 49% of the viewers votes when she was probably the one person in the Big Brother house this season with the power to push people's buttons and to make people think and perhaps reconsider some of their preconceived notions about sexuality.

Big Brother Brazil 11 may have lost its most interesting cast member last night, but on the gay front there are still two men in the house this season, along with a bisexual girl, and now possibly a lesbian as well. Cast member Diana revealed last night after Ariadna's elimination that she prefers to date women, even though she would consider also hooking up with men. It is too bad that the producers of the show don't have the balls to cast two hot gay guys in the same season to see what would develop if they were to hook up.


but we have a not openly hot gay there.. Rodrigao!

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