A Little Arthur To Get You Through The Weekend


Photographer Marcelo Krasilcic has posted some images of the story with Arthur Sales he shot for Made In Brazil Magazine #2 on his blog. I am a huge fan of his work and was thrilled that I got to work with him when I was in New York in October of last year.

If you are in New York, Global News on 12th street and 8th Avenue still has a few copies of the second issue of the magazine. You can also get it online at madeinbrazilmag.com. There are less than 100 copies now available in stock, so make sure to pick up one. The first issue is already sold out.

If you bought a copy online and still hasn't received it, we apologize for the delays but according to the national postal service, USPS has recently changed the regulations for international packages over 450g (fyi, the magazine weighs 850g) because of terrorism, and that along with the several snow storms throughout the country and the holiday season has caused several delays.


I have to be honest, I didn't like this spread all that much. I think Arthur has much more potential than this....

how much does the issue go for???

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