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Time for an annual tradition here on Made In Brazil: electing the hottest Brazilian boy of the year. I picked nine finalists based on how often they were mentioned on the blog this year, and on their presence in the media in Brazil in general. Make sure to pick your favorite. The poll closes on December 30.


did you intentionally selected that ugly picture of Jonatas Faro to gain fewer votes?

Why dont u instead ask us to choose, u just dont say: the 9 hottest brazilian guys! Extremely hard to choose.. Arthur, Caua, Mateus and Evandro in the same list its just speechless! lol
going for Arthr anyway deffo his debut this year was unbelievable..

I voted for lovely Arthur.

impossible to pick only one! but mateus is killing me with that look.

They are all beautiful and I would not mind having a private party with all of them at the same time, BUT, Evandro is still the number one paragon of Brazilian beauty in my opinion.!

Before telling my pick, this election is unfair, I mean all brazilian men are hot. But my pick is Francisco Lachowski, he is the perfect mix between boy and man but I still don't know why people call him "Chico".
I've realise something if you look close to Arthur and Diego's faces they look almost the same like brothers or at least cousins. my list from the hotter to the least hot is:
1) Francisco Lachowski
2) Diego Miguel
3) Caua Raymond
4) Arthur Sales (even though that sometimes he seems like an attitude like saying "I'm so hot so I can get all the girls")
5) Marlon Teixeira
6) Evandro Soldati
7) Mateus Verdelho
8) Kayky Brito
9) Jonatas Faro
Because 2011 is close I have a propuse to Made in Brazil why you guys don't use a bunch of brazilean models (boys and girls) and do a remake of a music video???

Gotta love the Brazilian diversity /s

Chico 4EVER!!!

They're all lovely, it's so hard to choose just one! Whoever wins deserves to. I've gone for Evandro, I love his legs :)

Go Arthur, go Arthur!

marlon is hottest man on whole world

marlon is best and that's it!

Love the guys on the list but some of them i known about them only becacuse i read made in brazil... You should take in count brazilians who are known by people outside brazil

JUST beautiful1...thanks for the person that named all the studs

marlon is like hottest man on whole world

if i died now,i would like to be marlon teixeira girlfriend in next life

That was very hard! Arthur, Marlon, Arthur, Marlon, Arthur... MARLON! (hey if you really have to choose huh?)

hm,it wasn't so hard to pick hottest brazilian man,because marlon is not just hottest brazilin,he is hottest man on whole world

marlon and nobody else


I miss Caio Castro on this list!!!

marlon is best and that's it!

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