Too Hot For Monday: Carlos Freire


Photographed in the Philippines by Eric Alessi. View more after the jump.







All pictures by Eric Alessi, styled by Rey Santos and creative directed by Omar Ali.


Wow, he's so shredded that I can help pump up that basket of his!!!

He's so lean it becomes creepy. Not sure if this kind of thing is attractive (for me or for most people), but it seems fashion editors and photographers don't share the same opinion.

Don't understand why he's not on People mag's "sexiest men alive" ??? I can't have enough post of Carlos...

Edu, he is actually in shape.

i dunno, there's too many muscles and veins on that body. it looks inhuman. and a bit frightening.
that being said, i would buy him dinner.

i wanna have his adopted babies

Don't get the body critics. This man's body is like a sculpture. Just beautiful. And, he's just the right amount of heat for a Monday like today. It's COLD outside!

i think tha the is used to put his fingers inside his mouth....

when he started he was stunning but now he is a bit too shredded....a few more kilos won't would restore his good looks back...

Carlos Freire liiiiiinnndooo!!!!

Eww, you can see the texture of his muscles through his skin. That's creepy. He's starting to look like one of those skinned men on display in science museums. He needs to get his ass to a bakery asap!

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