The Winners Of The Made In Brazil Magazine #2 Giveaway At


I want to thank all of you who posted a comment at for a chance to win five copies of the second issue of Made In Brazil Magazine. I read every single comment posted on the preview of the issue, and cannot even begin to tell you how happy all the comments made me.

I posted a list of the winners below. We will be sending out the issues as soon as the winners contact us.


I know we were only supposed to give away five copies of the magazine, but since I cannot resist a quote by Andre Leon Talley, I am going to be making an exception and giving an extra copy to the entry below.


Mauricio, Eduardo, Dylan, Diego, Giovanny Bahamundi, and Nic, please email your complete addresses to so that we can have your copies mailed asap.

Made In Brazil Magazine #2 is available for purchase online at Thanks to all of you who already got a copy (or two or three). I particularly think the second issue is a lot better than the first, so I hope you are going to like it too.


Thank you so much for making me an exceptional lucky winner for MIB #2! I am so bless.



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