The Best And Worst Of Brazilian Ad Campaigns In 2010


2010 was not the best year in terms of national advertsing campaigns. Lots of Brazilian labels flew in foreign models, but forgot to also hire a top photographer and art director to go along with them, and the results were a bit of a disaster.

I put together a review of this year's best and worst moments in fashion advertising to give you a little retrospective of what will possibly be remembered as one of the least creative years in history. Check them out after the jump.

Worst timing: Ellus booked Jesus Luz for its fall ad campaign a year too late (not that there would have been a plausible excuse to book him an year earlier). If that wasn't bad enough, the campaign was also released in 3D.


Worst use of baby oil and worst art direction: Gisele for Colcci's spring 2011 campaign. No wonder the entire team responsible for this tragedy has already been replaced.


Worst styling: Naomi Campbell for Morena Rosa. A lot of people rightfully deserved to have a cellphone thrown at them for this campaign, but unfortunately no one was harmed during the shoot (as far as we know).


The one campaign Alessandra Ambrósio probably regretted doing this year: accessories label Chenson with Jesus Luz. Desperate Housewives gone wrong.


Saddest model: Jessica Stam for Santa Lolla (but don't worry Stam, very few people saw that campaign).


Model most lacking facial expressions (also model with the thinnest limbs): Chanel Iman for Rosa Chá.


Best blatant copy of an Armani Exchange ad campaign: Forum with Natalia Vodianova and Marlon Teixeira shot by Mert and Marcus (look at the two campaigns and judge for yourself).



Best use of lettuce leaves as a dress and worst use (ever) of Kate Moss in an ad campaign: Shopping Cidade Jardim. Next time they decide to hire a major model, they better think of a major concept to go with it.


Runner up for worst use of a major international model: Lara Stone for Forum's fall 2010 campaign.


Tackiest headline: the writing says Luxo Glamour Couture at Lança Perfume, but it reads more like cheap to me. Another example this year that a model alone doesn't make a campaign.


Fall campaign we most wish had been summer: Evandro Soldati, Michael Camiloto, and Marlon Teixeira for Vila Romana. Imagine the picture below without jackets, scarves, boots, and gloves, and you will probably agree with me.


Best use of platinum blond models and excessive photoshopping: Osklen spring 2011. Also gets my vote for best hair and make up in an ad campaign this year.


Worst booking of a semi-celebrity: Paris Hilton for Triton.


Best booking of a semi-celebrity (and hottest-almost-pornographic campaign): Colin Egglesfield for Sergio K. by Terry Richardson.



How do you know that the Osklen campaign use photoshop??
Triton went wrong for me i like that campaign who features Evandro Soldati and Alicia Kuczman, that was great!!
I'm not brazilian but I like the country so it's so wrong that they use foreign models for their campaigns, I mean, Lara Stone??? her walk...can't get any worst!! why in hell I have never seen in a brazilian campaign Lais Ribeiro, Andressa Fontana or Tayane Leao??? Francisco could be great also in a campaign instead of Jesus Luz
I like Chanel Iman but it's not her fault to be included in a poor campaign.
The Santa Lolla campaign i like it but I would make it darker and instead of the dog (very Gaga) i would Arthur Sales.
Colcci clothes looks a bit like Miu-Miu s/s 2010, the shoes are almost the same, i mean, if we take off Gisele, the baby oil and we replace it for Lindsey Wixson and the straight hair looks really like the same

Another thing if they are going to use foreign models at least the waste of money should worth it Natalia, Naomi, Kate, Stam and Chanel won money for nothing. Why don't they use argentinean models if they wanna use foreign models, I mean a pair up between Alicia Kuczman and Antonella Graef might be

The Forum campaign with Natalia & Marlon looks more like the CK campaign with Jamie Dornan & Eva Mendes.

"Why don't they use argentinean models if they wanna use foreign models, I mean a pair up between Alicia Kuczman and Antonella Graef"

You aren't seriously comparing those girls to Kate, Naomi, Natalia, Lara etc.. are you? Kate, Naomi & Natalia are icons within the indsutry & outside of the industry.

@Andrea, yes you are right Naomi and all of them are icons BUT why use them if Brazilean brands can do the same bad campaigns (i'm waiting for the improve) with brazilian, argentinean or whatever boys and girls who have cheaper "prices" to do a campaign.
Even you said that Natalia and Marlon are a copy of CK, so why spending all that money if they can use brazilean models????
I'm pissed because it seems that brazilian brands are wasting national talent for models "who don't get out of bed for at least US$10000"

I agree with most comments in regards to the campaigns. Except that I disagree with judging Brazilian labels for using foreign models. I don't find anything wrong with it. Its a global industry and lets not forget how many American and European labels use Brazilian models and no one is bashing them for that.
In addition if you're going to compare the Forum campaign with Natalia with the Armani Exchange, you should also compare the Calvin Klein Jeans campaign with Lara Stone that looks exactly like the Forum campaign starred by the same model. Except that Forum's was photographed and released way earlier...and please don't tell me its impossible for an international label to knock off something from Brazil.

I agree that if the campaigns are going to be mediocre then they should just use a run of the mill model instead of Kate Moss, Gisele etc..

It seems like these brands are relying to heavily on the models high profile to make the campaign a success when in reality modeling is a complete team effort & the models [Kate, Gisele etc..] are only as good as the photographer who's photographing them, the stylist who's styling them & the countless other people involved in making a picture great.

Also, I doubt Kate, Gisele, Naomi get out of bed for less than $100K ...

I am completely in favor or booking international models. The reason why labels do it is because they end up costing the same (or sometimes less) than booking a top Brazilian model like Caroline Trentini, Izabel Goulart, or Isabeli Fontana. Raquel is still apparently under contract with Animale, so it is not like she is even an option for other labels here. I just wish the ads had been more interesting this year, but it already looks like things may be a lot better in 2011: David Gandy for Sergio K, Anja Rubik for Tufi Duek, and Alessandra for Colcci photographed by Steven Klein.

Mas quanta amargura!

i agree on some level, and not on others.i have no problem with the international bookings but i do agree theses brands need to get better ideas...i guess they try too hard and thats when they fail. sometimes a simple idea its better. remember the zoomp cpgns,i loved them.....

i guess the review could be a little bit extensive, try to do a part II

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