Speedo Sunday: Alexandre Verga For Made In Brazil Magazine #2

We really wanted to shoot Alexandre Verga for the first issue of Made In Brazil Magazine, but he was never in Brazil while we were shooting. I am really happy that we got to shoot him playing capoeira at the beach for the second issue. The day we shot him was overcast, windy, and rainy, but Alexandre only had one day in São Paulo, so we made it work. Expect more behind-the-scenes videos of the shoot this week.

Made In Brazil Magazine #2: Sports is available for purchase at madeinbrazilmag.com.


Love this model... Oh also love his lasta name it means dick in spanish (Latin american slang)

The clip was too short. We deserve more!

His body is totally amazing!!! And I love that he has a beard. It's a nice reminder that beauty extends beyond adolescence :D

Thanks for sharing, but, I, too, would like to have had at least five minutes of this hot beauty in order to savor him much more fully!

Hot Damn!...He can show some of his naughtier acrobatic moves in private!!!

He is gorgeus. but I prefer his brother Rafael.

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