Newcomer Tiago Pettersen By Romulo Soares


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19-year-old Tiago Pettersen is represented by 40 Graus Models in Rio.


Fresh and clean first impression ruined in the following pictures.

Why? Pure madness.

Why, Sam? Because he's a model. If Petterson has a portfolio that shows he has a variety of different looks, he's likely to get more work.

You're free to personally like or dislike any of those different looks, of course.

I think Sam is referring the the following pics of Tiago smoking. Nothing kills "sexy" and "interesting" as someone with a cancer stick in their mouth, not to mention the implied thoughts of smelling and tasting like an ashtray that goes along. A shame considering Tiago really is beautiful.

Actually I don't see cigarettes,but a smoking hot guy with an interesting cigar.
About the choices they make with the models,It's fashion business,rethoric and stereotypes are the primal rule.And right now nothing is really new.So we can just enjoy the meat they sell.I mean,Men.

I've seen too many cigars in mouths of models in Brazilian "look this cute guy is" in different blogs recently. Too many to believe that it's coincidence. It's not to show versatility. It's just a "clever" way of circumvent the anti-tobacco ad laws placed in most countries nowadays.

Pitty MiB takes part of this.

I hope the people involved in this get at least compensated and don't be in it just because they think it's cool or rebellious.

i don't smoke but i don't complain if i see pictures of people smoking..

besides he is smokin' hot...the package is to die for hehe :P

Models don't get to decide the poses,that's a photographer job is ridiculous and unffair to judge the boy cause he is smoking in a picture.

One does get tired of all the self-righteous "eeeew he smokes" whiners. Hey, folks. You don't wanna smoke? Don't. If someone wants to, fine. A cigarette every now and then causes no harm to anyone, least of all the smoker. Breathing the air of Sao Paolo or New York City on a daily basis is 100 times worse than smoking a cigarette. I don't see any of the anti-smoking prisses moving to the countryside. Get some perspective. And, for what it's worth, the guy looks sexy with the cigarette. So there.

I read somewhere that the agencies recommend that the models smoke, especially the females. It helps them keep their weight.

Fantastic shots, and a very talented model. I don't think the incorporation of the cigarette was political either way, just aesthetic ...

Models don't get to choose their pose, maybe, but bloggers get to choose what they publish.

Tobacco kill 5m people annually. Aids kills 1.8m. Difficult to see MiB glorifying unprotected sex. Why smoking?

Keeping weight (unhealthy) low is another form of self-destruction the modeling industry could do without.

Cute, hot and adorable. Best one on MIB since Bernardo, and Arthur 2.0. More please!!!

And I think people need to get over the cigarette pics. It is just a picture, stop being so squared.

Tiago Pettersen você é maravilhoso, parabéns tem uma beleza magnifica!!!

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