Meet Newcomer Matheus Gardini



20-year-old Matheus Gardini from Santa Catarina photographed by Sergio de Melo. View more pictures after the jump.




All pictures exclusively at Made In Brazil courtesy of 40 Graus Models.


He has the kind of body I worship and adore. Lean, agile, perfect proportions, not too much muscle.
I've never understood why some people are turned on by muscled guys. Muscled guys can be monstruous. I have no wish to kiss the Incredible Hulk.
The true ideal of masculine beauty is found in the classical sculptures of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Those guys knew what beauty was all about.

This man is quiet easy on the eyes. I'd love to make his acquaintance!

Matheus é muito lindo, parabéns.
Sergio as fotos estão maravilhosas.

muito delicia

Considering how skinny he is, he is missing a 6-pack. Cute anyways though.

He looks healthy. Some of these male models look like they're starving. Feed them!

Ohhh my god...he is soooo handsome....I like dark hair guys. I also don't like bulky muscle boys. I like them just normal size...

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