Meet Fabrício Bach, The 2010 Ford Supermodel Brazil Winner


16-year-old Fabrício Bach was the winner of the 2010 Ford Supermodel Brazil this past Monday in São Paulo. Already completely obsessed with him, and I haven't even met him yet.


Obsession with a 16 year old is illegal in at least 46 states in the USA. So be careful what you say! Lol. Plus he looks like a baby! 16 is way too young!!! He should still be modeling for the boys department, not men's fashion!

Isn't this virginal guy quite young to be modeling or doing anything except for studying?

Jail bait! He could receive the pedobear seal of approval anytime! Justin Bieber take some notes. lolz

All kidding aside, this kid's looks like a very healthy young man! Striking face and body. Pouty lips. He has everything going on for him, I hope he does well in his career.

Yes, he is just a baby. I feel like the big bad wolf....but let's be honest. He is just plain gorgeous and there is nothing we can do to prevent ourselves from desiring him. We just have to wait 2 more years to ask him on a date.

I must say I love his pouty lips and smooth, lean body.

Add another Big Bad Wolf to those above, already salivating lustfully ;o)

Add another 'si si si' to the above.

Fabrício Bach bem novo, mas já promissor, é um belo modelo

I wrote a comment; I am presently laughing at some of the others, too. For I feel as they do! His face is to "die for," especially his hot, pouty mouth! Damn, I could feel those lips and his mouth with some deep, wet kisses, but only when he turns the legal age!

I can't take this any longer!!
First Francisco and now Fabricio???!! OMG, I can't take too much sexyness!!
But I would like to know if there is any website when the male world finale comes??
Do I see some feature on Made in Brazil 3???

He looks like a former MOTW from named Sebastian Sauve

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