Gratuitous Underwear Shots




Former Big Brother Brazil contestant Kadu Parga posing for underwear label Mash's upcoming ad campaign.


He is really well endowed. Look at the massive volume.

Wow, Cadu is looking great, he is sooo cute! It's a pity that Brazilian brands in general don't invest more on the actual products they sell. They rely way too much on marketing when they should be focusing a lot more on product development. This is actually not that bad of a campaign in general terms, and Mash always has great choice of models and has had some memorable ads in the past. But year after year they are still turning some hideous cuts, outdated fabrics and cheap design. Everything is so basic. I guess marketing still does the job for the only thing that seems to matter: the bottom line.

I really hope that Lucius is being sarcastic because Mash completely took away his bulge. People who saw him in Big Brother know how much bigger he really is.

It's weird how Mash and other brands in Brazil seem to be afraid of showing their models' actual bulges. Never saw that happening to CK or Emporio Armani. But whatever.

It was a nice shoot, he looks amazing as always. I just wish I could actually see how my cock would be in those boxers, because apparently Cadu has a vagina.

Nice packages delivered just in time for Christmas!

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