Guess Who Landed In Brazil This Week?


Model Renato Ferreira is back in Rio de Janeiro after spending almost a year working in Asia, and we already have brand new digitals of him. The body is still beyond insane. View more pictures after the jump.




Digitals courtesy of 40 Graus Models.


*drools* *faints* LOL He is SOOOOO cute

He has the body, but not the face.

Now THAT'S a fit and healthy looking guy. Not like some models whose skin look insanely thinner than a paper sheet.

when I look at him...I really have to just stop and re-evaluate my life choices

Wow! Look at his incredible body! I hope you will use him in the next Made In Brazil Magazine.

anyone knows the brand of the underwear that he's wearing in the picture?

*thanks in advance*

Asia was good to him! Thee "boy" looks fantastic!

Heey! Look at his tieees! So tiny and.. cute! HAHAHAHA
WUUFS! Cute and .. HOT!

Welcome home, like "Hello Dolly" Gallagher Levi, and lookin' good---in fact spectacularly good!

Body similar to Carlos Freire's.

He's got a lovely body, really beautiful, and a nice, natural way of posing.

nice abs

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