Freja Beha, Rodrigo Santoro, Adriana Lima, And The Golden Globes


I've received the MIB Magazine #2. It is gorgeous and even more ambitious than the first! It combines many artistic styles and techniques.
The cute little Lachowsky is, in my opinion, the centrepiece and the gem of the spread. He plays soccer, tennis, and undresses in the locker room with his mate. He represents the perfect, beautiful boy, with rosy cheeks and a lean body. He shows off his trophies, horses around with his friend, makes faces, tends to his sore foot, defies his opponent and tries to win the game.
The "surfing" photos of Arthur were the only disappointment. I think they do not do justice to his potential. Let's wait for MIB#3 to see if he gets a special treatment. The photos of Lacchine, the Baby Lion, were also not as good as the one in the first magazine. His photo for MIB#1 was probably my favorite.

I have a question. I have seen so many times that people often called Frncisco Lachowski "Chico"
Why is that???

I was recommended this blog by a friend of mine and was looking forward to checking it out. However, considering that Brasil is made up of such beautifully diverse people it's sad that this blog does nothing to capture that AT ALL. It would have been nice to see multifaceted representations of beauty.

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