Junior Magazine's Best Cover Of The Year


François Sagat graces the cover of the December issue of Junior, photographed by Marcio del Nero, and I love it. View a preview of his spread for the magazine after the jump.




All pictures via MixBrasil.


The best of year for sure, but why is he so sad in the photos? Is his best look?

How can such a man-flesh as Francois be so freakin' HOTTT!!!!!!

He is built like a tank and looks like a devil. But I wouldn't want to bring him to my bed...

I've seen him in dvds and have always had the "hotts" for this friggin' stunning and sexy "chunk!"

"...But I wouldnn't want to bring him to my bed..." I think you are being facetious, but if you are not, Lucius, I very definitely would relish the opportunity to do such an act!!

Cute and charmy guy! Wonderful pics...

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