Casting At 40 Graus Models In Rio

A casting session for DNA magazine at 40 Graus Models featuring some familiar faces (and bodies) like Felipe Anibal, Sebastião Neto, William Prazeres, and Murilo Rezende, courtesy of Ca-Rio-Ca Wear.


This is the better cinegraphist I've ever seen in my whole life...

Very interesting that the young gentleman of colour was not identified. An oversight? Or intentional?

mj, I like and appreciate your observation! I missed it but I DID NOT miss the absolute lacking of men of colour in the recent edition of MADE IN BRAZIL 2 which I purchased and had sent to me via FedX. I ordered on Wednesday from California, and it arrived from New York on Thursday. I DID NOT request overnight delivery.

Wow all of them are so beautiful! I have to start learning some Portugese asap so I can visit and talk with the locals!

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