Ana Beatriz Barros In The December Issue Of Elle Brazil


I am really liking Brazilian Elle lately, but someone needs to slown down on the retouching of the covers because for the past couple of months the models are starting to look like characters from a Pixar movie.


blergh, look at the hands and thighs. such a waste of money, talent and time.

it almost looks like it's made on purpose. But almost is a sad word for an Elle magazine.

Their better then Vogue, for sure...but she looks like a cardboard "cutout" instead of a real person.
She's flat, the angles are weird and the hair?!

Why having nice models and professionals when you're gonna spend hours in photoshop making then look weird and creepy?!

I think this cover looks disastrous. They even shaped her lips!
And the styling isn't that great either. Those Chanel bracelets are just corny.

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