Vinícius Bergamine By Italo Gaspar


Not a big fan of the cigarette as a prop, but the kid sure is sexy. View more after the jump. Warning: nsfw.





I have seen an increase in photos showing smoking. Most models do it. It how they maintain their weight. But it was taboo to photograph it. Magazines wont give advertising space to tobacco industry, so it was not allowed in the model shot. Even motion pictures are putting them back in. Offering a small disclosure at the end of the credits about the risk of tobacco use. Nobody ever see it. They are all rushing outside to smoke.

This "kid" is quite sexy as hell! I do wish the cigarette was not part of his photo shoot, though!

Glad you're addressing the smoking issue...obvious beauty aside, it's just gross...and very dated. Knowledgeable people don't really smoke any more.

There's no aesthetics in smoking, the cig completely ruins especially the first picture. For some reason smoking was considered sexy in the 60s. Definitely not anymore (who wants to kiss an ashtray??). Making cute guys smoke always makes me wonder if the people behind the cam had their youth in the 60s and 70s and are still trying to relive it.

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