Too Cute For Monday: Francisco Lachowski

Obsessed with this video from Fiasco magazine. No wonder 10 out of 10 new photographers I have spoken with in the past week all tell me they want to work with Francisco.


Hey guys from Made in Brazil, firstly I have to say that love the website, and I'm totally agree with the waste that Vogue Brasil did with Raquel, one word EMBARASSING.
So I have a question for you about Francisco. I might never get to meet Francisco because a simple fact:
Francisco is a top model who travels around the world working it while I'm just a chilean guy stuck on my country hoping that one day one of my girls get as high as Gisele.
So because you already know him, Is he always like that?? I mean like happy and stuff. I've got this question since a long time, since I saw his video for Vanity Teen.

Yes, he is exactly like that, which is why we absolutely love working with him.

This boy is the cutest thing in the world.

vid's no longer online... anyone know another place where it's viewable?

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