The New Boys Of 40 Graus Models By Sergio de Melo


Whose body do you like better? Renan Coutinho, Samuel Vieira, and Murilo Rezende shot by model turned photographer Sergio de Melo in Rio. View more pictures after the jump.





Murilo, definitely! Best definition, shape and face :D

Murilo's body is the best :)

I prefer Murilo Rezende's body, but think Samuel Vieira is the hottest

Samuel Vieira... I love man with rough looks!

Well Samuel Vieira,not only for the great body,sensual nips and body hair(bad attitude shaving,but we can forgive him though),also for the alluring sexy face.He has that aura that says"in bed I'm a lion and I'm gonna eat you".
I remember the photo that you posted last week,and I must say they have an ass to die for.
Thanks for sharing Mister MIB.

Jesus Christ is ruining Samuel. But he's still my favorite!

Samuel Vieira by a mile! But Jesus has got to go...

Samuel is the hottest of the group. Yes.

Coutinho for me.

Samuel, so far, the hottest one! The Jesus Christ tattoo might be a turn off, or not, if I think all the body fluids that can land on it during a wild session of sex.

I'll take ONE of each PLEASE!

Damn, I'm amazed by all of the previous candor! Great! I take all three "boys!" They are F I N E!!

Murilo, of course!

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