Such A Waste Of Raquel


If you are lucky enough to get to shoot Raquel Zimmermann for the cover of your publication and you come up with the image above, you should be arrested (along with whoever was responsible for the  insanely amount of retouching).

Vogue Brazil may now be published by a joint venture between Condé Nast and Globo, but judging from the past two covers it is still the same mediocre publication it used to be under Carta Editorial. Still hoping the staff will eventually change and it will get better.


The bright side is that at least you have your own covers in Brazil in México they usually recycle spain's or american vogue covers of the last month... Actually here almost all the magazines do exactly the same thing another examples are GQ that not only use the same covers the also use all the editorials even that they do write good articles.And the more shameless is Men's health that use the same covers,editorials and articles than the last month american Men's they just basically translate the content from english to spanish and that's all.

The cover would be much better if there was a background...they always do studio photos with plain boring backgrounds. And with SO many beautiful dresses to choose from for a "Festa Quente"...why choose a dress that resembles a night gown? How are the editorials inside? You usually publish those as well...and what about the other publications? Such as Elle, Marie Claire and L'Officiel? Show us their covers too

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