Stallking Rômulo Arantes Neto And Jesus Luz


Spotted in Leblon today.


Romulo is so hot. He gives me "Bisexual" vibes. haha

What a way to ruin this fantastic post of the drop-dead SEXY Romulo, next to a dead dud like Jesus!

Ambos são belos

Is he still dating Madonna? If not...can we stop pretending to care about him? wow that was mean...oh well haha

Arantes is good. Jesus is awful.

Arantes looks hot here, but poor Jesus. He's really let himself goi. If he had kept exercising and concentrating on looking good as well as exhibiting a great personality, he would be hot, too!

I admired him last year and earlier this year, but not anymore! The guy looks like he's been on a drinking binge!

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