Too Cute For Monday: Francisco Lachowski

Obsessed with this video from Fiasco magazine. No wonder 10 out of 10 new photographers I have spoken with in the past week all tell me they want to work with Francisco.

Such A Waste Of Raquel


If you are lucky enough to get to shoot Raquel Zimmermann for the cover of your publication and you come up with the image above, you should be arrested (along with whoever was responsible for the  insanely amount of retouching).

Vogue Brazil may now be published by a joint venture between Condé Nast and Globo, but judging from the past two covers it is still the same mediocre publication it used to be under Carta Editorial. Still hoping the staff will eventually change and it will get better.

Speedo Sunday


Watch a video of the SummerShop runway show at Capital Fashion Week in Brasília after the jump.

Stallking Rômulo Arantes Neto And Jesus Luz


Spotted in Leblon today.

To Get You Through The Weekend: Murilo Rezende


Newcomer Murilo Rezende photographed by Sergio de Melo. View more pictures after the jump.

Made In Brazil Magazine #2 Is Now Available!




After six months of a lot of hard work, I am thrilled that we are finally launching the second issue of Made In Brazil Magazine this week.

We shot the entire issue around a sports theme, and booked over 30 models and athletes, including cover boys Francisco Lachowski and Gabriel Burger, Arthur Sales, Natan Machado, Diego Miguel, Jean Carlos, Ricardo Carpentiere, Alex Rossi, Alexandre Verga, Max Motta, Maicon Galuppo, Marcelo Chierighini, Henrique Martins, Felipe Martins, Eduardo Spotti, Rael Costa, Isaac Farisato, Dante Tozetto, Rafael Leite, Raphael Lacchine, Vinicius Cardoso, Jordão Altmann, Igor Monteiro, Pedro Cavalca, David Pimentel, and newcomers Roger Balduíno, Vinicius Bergamine, Pedro Nóbrega, Luã Mayer, Igor Ducceschi, and Magnos.

While the first issue of Made In Brazil Magazine was photographed entirely by Cristiano Madureira, this issue also features stories photographed by Gui Paganini, Marcelo Krasilcic, Vicente de Paulo, newcomer Hugo Toni, and model Nathalie Edenburg, who shot an amazing portfolio of model Max Motta surfing in Indonesia. The team of contributors also includes top Brazilian stylists Paulo Martinez, Cesar Fassina, and Heleno Manoel, and illustrator André Azevedo, who did a brilliant story and some exclusive artwork for the issue.

The new issue of the magazine features 152 pages of photos and no advertisment. The edition is limited to 1,000 copies, only this time all of the copies are numbered from 0001 to 1,000. There is no online edition, and all content is exclusive to print.

Copies of Made In Brazil Magazine #2 are available for online purchase starting today at We will also be selling a very limited number of copies at Livraria Cultura in Brazil starting next week, and at Global News in New York in one to two weeks.

Since today is Thanksgiving, I would like to thank all the photographers who believed in this project, the stylists and make up artists who created beautiful images for the magazine, the models who not only embraced our crazy ideas, but took them even a step further, and most importantly, to all of you who purchased a copy of the first issue of the magazine this year. If it weren't for your support, we would not have been able to put another issue together. Thank you for allowing me to do a work that I absolutely love. I am very grateful for that.

For an exclusive preview of Made In Brazil Magazine #2 and a chance to win one of five free copies, head over to For more information, visit

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