Not Even Patrick And Victor Demarchelier Can Save Vogue Brazil


Got a copy of the November issue of Vogue Brazil yesterday. I don't often buy the magazine since it is always so disappointing and mediocre, but considering that this is the first issue under its new publisher, a joint venture between Editora Globo and Condé Nast, I thought I would give it a chance.

Is it better than what Vogue Brazil used to deliver? Yes and no. The cover looks more polished and suited for the title, even though Isabeli is a very predictable choice and I would have loved to have seen a girl like Laís Ribeiro on the cover for a change. The three editorials are all photographed by Patrick and Victor Demarchelier, and as much as the images are beautiful and the retouching is flawless, the pictures don't really say anything different, and look more like a catalog than an actual fashion spread. As much as Vogue is an international title, I firmly believe that the first issue of Vogue Brazil under the new publisher should have featured three major stories shot by three great Brazilian photographers and featuring mostly national labels. However, if the idea was to have Patrick and Victor Demarchelier shoot an entire issue to cause a great impression, then the magazine should have also enlisted a top foreign editor to properly style the shoots. Unfortunately, most of the editorial team that used to work under the previous publisher is still there in the masthead, and until most of that team is replaced I honestly don't see any interesting changes happening. I would love to see the youngest editors get a shot to see what they can deliver.

Last but not least, something needs to be done about the paper and the printing quality.  Printing is so bad that some images actually look blurred, and the colors are all off.

I scanned pictures of the three main fashion stories in the issue and posted them after the jump so you can judge for yourselves. View them after the jump.





Caroline Ribeiro (and model  Murilo Rezende as a prop) by Victor and Patrick Demarchelier. Mert and Marcus called and asked for their pictures back.




Isabeli Fontana by Victor and Patrick Demarchelier. Far superior than most studio stories usually featured in Vogue Brazil, but still I wish the styling was just a little more daring and a lot less predictable.




Fernanda Tavares by Victor and Patrick Demarchelier. I am confused. Is that a Nordstrom's catalog or a fashion spread in Vogue? And we all love a golden retirever puppy, but the only cliché missing on those photos is a cupcake with colored sprinkles.

Better luck next month.


I agree with most of the above, VB needs help. But, Vogue USA has set the standard of being product product product. If Vogue Brazil doesn't include international labels, readers in Brazil will skip buying VB all together and just get Vogue USA.

Concordo plenamente, esperava um pouco mais da vogue. Isabeli Fontana? Rio de Janeiro? HOW BORING!
A Vogue vem querendo sustentar sempre uma mulher rica, tendo todas as suas edições editoriais iguais, pedendo cada vez esse frescor, parece não viver a atualidade.
Acho que deveriam, como você falou, dar chance a novos editores, novos fotografos, novas modelos. Cair na qualidade, já então caindo, deveriam partir para o 'tudo ou nada'.

Adorei sua crítica.

"Mert and Marcus called and asked for their pictures back." Lol!

I believe the cover would be so much better if it was shoot outdoors. The pink background is just horrible. I believe the magazine might get better little by the little if by having conde nast as a partner give them access to better artists. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be the same as Vogue India. And with so many models out there why choose Caroline Ribeiro and Fernanda Tavares? I like them but c'mon!!! And who's the new editor of the magazine? Is Patricia Carta gonna try to get a different franchise to Carta Editorial? Harpers Bazaar maybe?


I have to say that I'm totally agree with you, also the images are kinda cliche for a brazilian mag: summer, tans and fun. Brazilian fashion is more than that!!!

They need another focus, like the europan VOGUES, aeach one is luxurious in its own terms (excepting the turkish and the russian).

Thery need to face that this magazine is a dream to read, not only a catalogue for fancy things.

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