New Footage Of Gay Bashings In São Paulo

More reports of gay bashings in São Paulo and Rio have surfaced since the two attacks of November 14.

This past Sunday in Rio, Daniel Sena, writer and director of the online gay series Apenas Heróis, was harassed and attacked by three men close to his home. He was taken to a deserted location, and forced to eat dirt and drink a glass of gasoline. The three men also threatened to rape him with a bar of steel so he could feel "how good it is to be gay". The attack lasted for about ten minutes, when Daniel was rescued by a truck driver who was passing by.

In São Paulo, a new video was released by the police yesterday showing additional footage of attack against a young man close to the Brigadeiro subway station at Avenida Paulista.

After video footage of the gay bashing of November 14 surfaced last week, four of the teenagers responsible for the attack have been sent to a juvenile detention center. They are being charged for homicide and theft. The fifth member of the group responsible for the attacks was not a minor, and there are no reports as to whether or not he has been arrested.


I put the blame for this square into the hands of the Catholic Church and the evangelicals, who unfortunately are acquiring adherents by leaps and bounds in Brasil. The video is disturbing enough. Then, to read of more attacks makes one wonder when we should start fighting back! There may be no other solution BUT to hit back against these homophobes and hit back HARD!

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