Is Brazilian Singer Wanessa Worth It?

I think the idea was to go Gaga on the video, but the end result is very Thalia, which is certainly not a bad thing considering we are in Latin America. I'd say though that it may be time for a new stylist, new choreographer, and more shirtless back up dancers.


Lame. She's always gonna be tacky no matter what she does. No originality at all, always trying to emulate Britney circa 2000. And I don't know why they still try to make this backup dancers thing happen here. It works with US artists, but not brazilians. Unfortunately for her, it's past due time to find her own style.

Just sayin'.

She has no talent at all. Her voice is horrible and she has no technique. She should be ashamed and quit.

I disagree with her not being talented, otherwise her career wouldn't have lasted as long as it has been. Could she improve and do it a little better? Absolutely. Its only a matter of time until she surrounds herself with the right team to come up with the right concept. On the other hand I will say her English is much harder to understand in this song than her previous English/Portuguese effort. The long hair just because makes no sense...see Gisele on the cover of Vogue Nippon...that's an example of long hair that makes sense with the right styling. Also...I will agree with the whole backup dancer lineup being very circa late 80's early 90's. Could they been prettier? Could they been muscular? And why not stick with either all black backup dancers or bleached white blonde dancers? Its called "Contrast". Maybe cover half of their faces with masks and get rid of their t-shirts?
I believe her real issue is lack of brainstorming...And if you pay attention to the lyrics she sounds more as if she is trying to emulate in Miami? Prada, Gucci? Now that's tacky!!! How about a mansion in Tokyo (irony) and wearing Azzedine Alaia or even Pedro Lourenco. Hahaha...I should send her my resume!!!!


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