Brazilian Gigolo

Watch Arthur Sales in the new DSquared2 film collaboration with


wow DSquared2 film looks great!



That is hilarious! And only Arthur can pull off that mix of innocence and sexiness to make it work.

Check Out this new british project By photographer Thomas Knights and Sasha Rainbow for the f-tape site, including a brazilian model!

I want to hire him too. On thursday it would be fine. I'm going to give him a call and pay triple!

OMG Arthur is adorable! What is that accent?!! I love the way he says Friday and squash....... SOOO cute!

Can we talk about his sexy accent?And he is even better on video.I'd love to see Evandro and Arthur in a sexy photoshoot.Brazilian heat!

Arthur's accent is amazingly sexy but I think he should try to neutralize the accent and start looking for acting jobs. He has everything to be a big screen star... I mean look those skinny,ugly an guys who have lead roles in american movies like Robbert Pattinson... Arthiur is way cuter,his body is amazing and I honestly don't know if he can act but at least is very good on camera.

By the way I love the art direction of this little film not only because Arthur.Also everything is very nicely done,the latin gigolo is very cliché and usually they portrait a very cheesy place, with a guy dressing leopard print shirt or worst with salsa music on the background. So this film is visually very pleasant and the dog is so cute.

cheesy but entertaining.
Nadege was the highlight!
she still looks great after all these years!!!

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