Arthur Sales In Client Magazine



View the complete story photographed by Chiun-Kai Shih for the second issue of Client magazine at Design Scene.


this totally made my year. and im not talkin about the 'horns' on the first photo oh no. i love me my arthur!

The first pic is so yummy!

Arthur Sales is simply the most beautiful man alive.

Wow, lovely pics. He looks very male in the first one! ;)

he is the most beautiful baby. I love him.

Gostei da primeira fotografia, bem diferente!

If he marries a nice Jewish or Muslim woman, judging from the first photo, he will not have to endure a ritual circumcision!

In the first one he's a devilish fleshly sex-pusher,you can quite smell his body.In the second pic instead he seems pure,innocent and impalpable.
He is a killer mix of contradictions.

(I'm asking you:do we have an ass shot of him?I don't recall a nude pic of his whole figure)

wow this boy's packin'!

@alek7: u're right, an ass pic of dear Arthur is needed. STAT!

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