A Protest Against Homophobia In São Paulo


While bullying is still very much on the news in the United States, the topic in Brazil at the moment are the homophobic attacks of the past week. Over a week ago in São Paulo, on November 14, a 23-year-old gay man was hit in the head with two fluorescent lamps by a group of five upper middle class teenagers at 6:30 in the morning at Avenida Paulista, one of the busiest avenues in the city. The group of guys responsible for the aggression were sent to a juvenile detention center but later set free. One of the teenagers justified the attack by claiming that he was being cruised on the street by the 23-year-old. A video of the attack was released on national television on Thursday, proving that the attack was deliberate and unfounded. One of the teenagers' defense lawyers dropped the case after watching it.

Also over a week ago, after the 15th Annual Gay Pride Parade in Rio de Janeiro, a 19-year-old student was shot in the stomach by a military officer the Arpoador area. The military denied any involvement in the case at the time, but on Thursday of last week it was confirmed by the Military Justice that two officers were responsible for the shooting. The military issued a statement affirming that the crime will not be left unpunished, but there are no reports as to what measures are being taken by the military so that attacks like that will not happen again in the future.

To protest against the two homophobic attacks commited this week, over 200 people gathered yesterday at Avenida Paulista in São Paulo. My bf had had surgery on Friday, so we ended up not being able to attend the protest. I would love to hear from those of you who were there.

Unfortunately, the two attacks of last week are not the only cases of homophobia reported in the news recently. This past Saturday in Brasília three guys harassed a 20-year-old student by calling him names and  kicking his car until his friend called the police.

If you speak Portuguese and would like to learn more about the homophobic attacks of last week, I  recommend heading over to Tony Goés' blog and reading what he has to say.


It is a pity that SP can fill up The Week alone with almost 6 thousand people in any given night to party, but barely 200 would show up on a sunny Sunday to protest against homophobic attacks in their own backyard. Perfect illustration of the inertia and lack of priorities in Brazil in general and within the gay community in particular.

It will take a long time for things to change. We won't be alive to see a different society.

Sad story..thanks for sharing this..could have been anybody

200 people to protest against Homophobia ... are you kidding me? Where are the 3 million plus people that show up for Gay Pride each year? Brazilians are light-years away from getting any respect for their LGBT rights. If they only show up to Party, Hook Up, Get Waisted and dress in costumes like Gay Pride is an extension of the Carnaval parades they have there.
The Homophobic attacks are for sure Horrific acts of violence and need to stop! but they will not unless the Brazilian LGBT community go out and protest in mass quantity of people (There are powers in numbers) and talk to their political representatives demanding their rights to be observed like any other citizen; And not from the comfort of the living room watching it on "Fantástico" on Sunday evening! #ProntoFalei

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